Make risk a strategic advantage

Protect value today to seize opportunity in the future

In today’s ever-changing business environment of market complexity, globalization and increasing investor expectations, managing risk while protecting value is more important than ever.

Ogedengbe Blessing & CO’s Business Risk Services professionals are progressive thinkers who can help you predict, prepare, protect, manage and respond to risk. Integrating risk strategy into the overall business strategy can help protect companies and provide the solid foundation they need to grow and transform.

Our Business Risk Services practice covers three core areas:

Risk advisory services

Risk advisory services help clients define and execute their business strategy in alignment with their overall risk appetite. Our professionals deliver innovative and holistic risk management programs and solutions to address strategic, operational, financial reporting, regulatory, compliance and cyber risks.

Forensic advisory services

Whether you are facing whistle blower allegations, regulatory scrutiny, complex litigation or corruption across the globe, our forensic advisory services team can help provide the clarity you need to manage adversity, protect value and return to normal operations.

Attest services

Assessing needs and developing solutions to satisfy the full range of compliance and reporting mandates, including needs and solutions related to System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports and other special attestation reports.