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Obviously, specific job duties depend on the specific jobs, but there are some skills that are pretty much required across the board. Obviously, a strong grasp of mathematics is essential. Every accountant, at whatever level, should have a general understanding of basic bookkeeping, in addition to more complex understanding of areas like auditing, payroll, financial reporting, and (of course) taxes. Even if you’ve worked your way to the managerial or executive level as an accountant, knowing the lower-level, day-to-day work of accounting will make you a better leader. Modern accounting is highly collaborative and team-based; while accountants do their fair share of individual work, being able to work well with others will be critical, especially in a corporate environment.


Integrate technology, products and services to create customer value through enterprise technology strategy, advanced technology and digital solutions, IT service management, strategic sourcing and technology resource effectiveness. Supporting CIOs to help them overcome their greatest challenges and achieve their highest goals. 


Fine-tune your organization for optimal performance through financial management, operations transformation, strategy, digital transformation and management, and business applications

photo11-minUsing technology to deliver results, Ogedengbe Blessing & CO’s Business and Software Applications practice is your partner in synergizing your business. Implementing solutions across finance, supply chain and HR and asset management functions, we work with you to understand your business challenges and create integrated, efficient and scalable technology solutions. Combining Grant Thornton’s business proficiency with best-in-class, cutting-edge technology innovations, your organization reap success to help your business meet its goals.

Initiating a start-up or establishing a business involves tasks on multiple levels every passing day. It becomes difficult for the entrepreneurs to keep a check on everything, but then it becomes essential to maintain them. These bookkeeping services are not confined to the size of an organization. Keeping this in mind, the tech industry has developed customized software for small enterprises to ease the process of maintaining books. To help you understand this tech-dealing, we come into the picture and ease out handling them so that you can concentrate on the growth path.

A business entity has a mandated rule to follow the bookkeeping and accounting service according to law. Now, at one point it becomes a necessity to evaluate these recordings based on certain parameters for any organization so as to know the level of their performance and stability.

It’s a difficult and complex process to manage a book of accounts when it comes to international business. At this point, outsourcing bookkeeping services turn out to be a relief. Whether you are initiating your startup or have an established business and want to structure or re-structure the accounts and finance domain, you can count on us. At Ogedengbe Blessing & CO, we understand your business and deliver tailor-made solutions according to your business needs. Our business experts take care of your financial front, builds specific plans to enhance your business growth. To initiate your first step, do contact us – we’d be happy to assist you.

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Maintaining the book of accounts from the date of incorporation plays a very crucial part for any business. However, start-ups and SME’s set up at a small scale and might even miss certain transactional recordings due to lack of finances, but within a year or two of the business establishment, they do realize the importance of accounting records and track down of the finances. The Nigeria serves as a base for start-ups and SME’s and helps the business entities to get an international exposure. When it comes to business establishment in the Nation, the commercial law of the country makes it a mandate to maintain proper records. Be it at the later stage, but it becomes a mandate for a business entity to update its backlog accounts so as to keep a proper check on the company’s financial flow. If you have recently initiated your business, then you should know that the accounting services play a crucial role and the backlog accounts are to be updated. This article will give you the insights of maintaining the backlog accounts.

Open Positions

Job Posting title Location
Account Manager Lagos State
Internal Auditors Lagos State
Tax  Consultant Manager Lagos State
Principal Audit Manager Lagos State
Principal Financial Manager Lagos State